Due to the advancement of technology, the sophistication of security is very different from the past as we face challenges never before encountered in the protection of property and life. Monitoring and security is no longer a luxury choice but a necessity for all level of our society.

Founded in 1999, Degree System is a leading provider of security, CCTV and alarm system supplier to commercial and residential customers throughout Malaysia. With specialized experience in setting up secure parameters, we have the perfect solution for your business and residential needs. Degree System carries an extensive product line featuring a wide range of alarm systems, CCTVs (closed circuit television) and security accessories, both imported and locally manufactured, to meet your budget requirement. We specialize in the design, engineering, sales, installation and service of state of the art security systems.


Both an active and passive form of protection

Having a good parameter setting for the security and monitoring system will act as an active and passive system for your property and life since the system will enforce. Statistics has clearly shown that premises well equipped with security and monitoring system will have a lower chance of crime attack when compared to premises that are not secured.

Real-time Remote surveillance and monitoring

Combined with the advancement of the Internet, the client can perform their real-time surveillance and monitoring task remotely anywhere at a relatively low cost. This real-time monitoring gives you peace of mind.

Storage and Archiving

The recording and archiving function available on the security and monitoring system will allow the user to perform analysis and verification of events that had happened.

Reduction of occupant liability

In most countries, the statutory requirement requires occupant of property to provide a reasonable measure of security and monitoring system to premises under their management. Thus, having a reliable security and monitoring system will assure safety and peace of mind, and act as a factor to reduce liability if any unfortunate event happens.

Cost efficient

Setting up a superior security and monitoring system will bring about a favorable long-term effect on the safety of the occupants of the building at the price of a one-time set up cost only. Thus, the essential key during set up is to obtain expert consultation and reliable equipment from an experienced provider.